Get to Know the Faces Behind #ReadyTapGo

October 23, 2015

Over the past two months we've been working with three pretty cool - and very skilled athletes - Jordie Lunn, Amelia Walsh and Laura Himmelman. These athletes are the faces behind our brand ambassador team.

Jordie Lunn, Freerider

Jordie is a freeride mountain biker and Rockstar Energy athlete who hails from Vancouver Island, BC. From one look at his Instagram your heart will start pounding. He's a risk-taker, a daredevil, and it's clear he is most comfortable when he is on his bike. Jordie has a long list of accomplishments: he's a three time Canadian National Downhill Team Member, and the winner of "Best Trick" at Whistler Crankworx, Bearclaw Invitational and Jumpship. Jordie recently picked up a second place finish at the 2015 Bear Trax Bike Festival in Victoria, BC.

A true lover of the outdoors, if Jordie isn't biking, you can usually find him camping with his two brothers.

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Amelia Walsh, BMX Rider

Amelia, who is a native of Ayr, Ontario began racing BMX bikes at 15 years old and was instantly hooked. Amelia is a member of the Canadian National BMX Team and competes regularly. She is a three time Canadian National Elite Women's Champion, 2015 Pan American Games athlete, 2013 Canada Cup athlete and recently she took home a bronze at the 2015 Canada Cup in Calgary. And on top of all that? Amelia has been competing Internationally since 2009 (when she was 17)!

Amelia is a fierce and fearless competitor who isn't fazed by a nasty wipeout on the track. Mix a snake or chicken into the equation, and it's a whole different story.

Follow Amelia on her Instagram page to keep up to speed on her most recent competitions.

Laura Himmelman

Laura takes on each day with the goal of inspiring others to "live a happy, healthy life." And we would say the former university athlete and current fitness coach is doing a pretty good job of it.

Laura, who grew up in Pleasantville, NS, is a dual sport athlete who played basketball for Mount Saint Vincent University and ran track and played basketball for Saint Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia. Although Laura has a passion for all sports, basketball was closest to her heart. During her career at Mount Saint Vincent University, Laura was one of the key players on the team. She racked up a couple trips to the national championships, and earned a spot on the regional All Star Team.

When she isn't in the gym training and giving nutrition advice to her clients, you can find Laura exploring nature and catching East Coast sunsets.

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Canada's first credit card wristband is here

August 14, 2015

DC TAG is a prepaid Visa payWave credit card in the form of a wristband - the first of its kind in Canada. With mobile payments making headlines but not gaining traction among users, DC TAG offers consumers a faster, easier tap and pay alternative that is also safer.

DC TAG was named favourite innovation at ACT Canada's Cardware 2014 for good reason... wearable technology is a hot, new niche driving product development worldwide. Mobile payments show promise but have proven to be complicated for operators and frustrating for users, resulting in adoption rates that barely scratch the surface. You don't need to be tech savvy to use DC TAG - anyone can use it - and more to the point, your teenagers likely will. This PINless product is payment at hand - literally. The DC TAG wristband eliminates the frustration of having to fumble for a card or phone when you're paying on the go, does not require a download, comes in a variety of fun colours, and is arguably one of the safest methods of payment on the market today. Unlike regular contactless cards, any losses due to theft are mitigated by the fact that this is a prepaid product - so the user controls the available balance and there is no direct access to your primary bank account. There's also a $50-100 limit per transaction (depending on the merchant), making it less attractive to steal. The band's credentials are challenging to lift, and even if obtained, they cannot be used to make ATM withdrawals or purchases online.

As a financial services provider, DC Payments offers its clients the opportunity to capitalize on this innovative, wearable product by positioning their company as being on the cutting edge of payments technology without investing in costly development and infrastructure. First West Credit Union is the first DC Payments client to offer the DC TAG, branded as the "Dashband," to their client base.

DC TAG will be available direct to consumer this summer.

Do You Have What it Takes?

August 14, 2015

Are you a high-energy person, with a solid social media presence? Are the cuts and bruises earned after a long day outdoors more appealing than a day at the spa? Is surfing a giant wave, hitting a perfect jump, or exploring a new trail something you're passionate about and love to share?

We're looking for motivated individuals to join our brand ambassador team to help promote our new Visa tap wristband, the DC Tag. Ambassadors will initially receive a preloaded DC Tag with up to $100 to spend - after that, the possibilities for growth are endless.

What we need from you
We need our brand ambassador team to share brand messages about DC Tag on social media, and post original content that will create buzz for the product. We are also asking brand ambassadors to be leaders by keeping tabs on the DC Tag community, and be available and quick to respond to questions. Ambassadors are encouraged to provide feedback on our messaging and products.

How to apply
Shoot us an email telling us a bit about yourself, links to your social media networks and follower counts, and why you are interested in being a DC Tag brand ambassador.

Looking for a payments expert? Meet our "Professor of Payments"

August 14, 2015

Our "Professor of Payments" is comfortable in the role of payments pioneer. Mike Kelso provides strategic technical guidance and solution development for emerging payments technology, as he did in the development of DC TAG. Kelso is a recognized expert in the design of technical and business systems for multi?party transaction processing systems, having designed and implemented a number of national debit switches for countries in the West Indies. Kelso has consulted around the world including the Far East, the Middle East, the West Indies, and Africa.

  • Nearly 30 years in payments innovation
  • Formed TCS (Canada) Limited, a private software developer which built and sold transaction processing and monitoring software around the world
  • TCS products created under Kelso are still used by Canada's major banks in their off?shore retail banking operations
  • Rolled out the first private white label POS fleet
  • Developed one of Canada's first financial "smart cards"
  • Formed the first white label acquiring switch in Canada, which quickly grew to become the largest ATM network in the country
  • Led TCS in formation of the first non?financial institution direct connectors to Interac
  • Designed and implemented chip card systems for dozens of banks and networks in Canada